ON October 7th 1985 at 7pm spirit combat was introduced in Malta by Kancho Adrian Axisa at the Safari Sanctuary in Sliema, For the first introductory lessons over 60 students attended to see what spirit combat is all about. From that humble beginning till today, Spirit Combat boasts of 6 clubs in Malta and Gozo. These are the Tao Club in Burmarrad, Waka - Gharghur, St Aloysius - Hamrun, South Warriors - Zejtun,  Zanshin - Haz Zebbug.  Gozo SCi - Gozo, Spirit combat main emphasis is in the harmony of the techniques that can be directed for flow or for power, to defend oneself or simply to enjoy the dialogues of movement in the flow between two souls, Spirit Comvat is like the formation of an inner storm,  it originates  from emptiness,  the art is sometimes referred to as the art, of the form form the formless.

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GM Dossett Malta Visit 2019

Our New Soke Bill Cox

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Spirit Combat February Grading 2019